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Title Insurance, the Unknown Product

A title insurance policy is often misunderstood and not properly reviewed by those involved in a real estate transaction. It contains specific information which can affect the validity of a transaction. This class review the important items that all parties should review and understand with respect to title insurance.


Course Number: R171082

Tax Deferred Exchanges

A 1031 tax deferred exchange can save real estate investor from paying taxes from a sale of investment property. However, the 1031 exchange must be structured properly. This class reviews the specific requirements of a 1031 and discusses the problems and pitfall associated with an exchange.


Course Number: R171080

Seller Financing, An Alternative

Seller financing provides an alternative to the regularly accepted ways of structuring a real estate transaction. This type of transaction provides benefits to both sellers and buyers but is often misunderstood. This class reviews the various types of seller financing and discusses various associated problems.


Course Number: R171081

Easements, Rights of Way and Access

The use of land by third parties can be frustrating to property owners and may affect their ability to use the property for its intended purpose. Access is also a concern when acquiring real property. This class will review the various types of easements and rights of way that are associated with land.

CE HOURS: 1.0 (Core)

Course Number: RC160627

Artificial Entities: Foreclosure, Bankruptcy & Probate

The are various situation which can affect a real estate transaction and take control away from the seller or buyer. These situations often involve a legal process which must be handled in a specific way so that the transfer can occur. This class reviews the problems and pitfalls associated with these transactions.

CE HOURS: 1.0 (Core)

Course Number: RC160629

CFPB: New Rules, Regulations & Forms

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has become the “new sheriff” in town and now regulated real estate transactions. This class will discuss the new rules, regulations and forms associated with real estate transactions and now required by the CFPB.

CE HOURS: 1.0 (Core)

Course Number: RC171078

Rights of Ownership

Owning land is one of the benefits of our country and was the foundation for much of its development. Over the years, real estate ownership has expanded and developed as new situations are encountered. This class will review the different types of land ownership and situations that govern its use.


Course Number: R171079

Laws of the Transaction

There are many different laws and regulations which affect the use and ownership of real property. These laws are established by federal, state, county and local governments. This class will review the various laws that real estate professionals need to understand.

CE HOURS: 1.0 (Core)

Course Number: RC160830

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